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Vector Supplies Limited was founded in 1987 to provide a fast and efficient ‘Single-Source’ supply of quality assured oilfield equipment, spare parts and consumables to any location world-wide. By developing the concept of consolidated purchasing Vector Supplies take on the placing, expediting, crating, certifying and consolidated shipping of diversely sourced multiple orders, thereby allowing your management, operations and purchasing teams to concentrate their efforts on key accountable objectives and in the process greatly reduce your administration costs. A result of these services has been the formulation of an extensive database of manufacturers and suppliers, enabling a rapid response on any item.

We have enjoyed long term supply agreements with major companies and are well versed in responding to the requirements of operating within this environment. Vector Supplies also have blanket purchasing agreements with major service companies, operated on a ‘cost-plus’ fixed mark-up basis. Vector Supplies are also responsible for the maintenance and calibration of their instrumentation and pumps. In addition, we hold responsibility for the supply of spares parts ‘ready boxes’, packed especially to ensure all items necessary for specific maintenance operations can be identified and shipped as complete sets, thereby avoiding un-necessary down-time caused by missing items.

All our employees are fully committed to providing the best possible quality of service within the areas of their respective responsibility. This commitment has resulted in the achievement of ISO 9001: 2015. We continually review the knowledge and training of all of our staff to ensure that our customers can confidently contact us on any subject within the scope of our supply. In particular, we have specialist knowledge in production and testing equipment.


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