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Shipping Cases & Well-Kuvvas


Vector Supplies Limited have introduced a new approach to the shipping and storage of Gas Sample Cylinders.

Natural Gas samples for P.V.T. studies are taken in the field and shipped ashore to laboratories for analysis.

‘The Vector Protector’ provides a rugged and safe means to ship and store Gas Sample Cylinders. The design provides two critical features:-

1) Protection for vulnerable end caps and valves

2) Secure stacking in racks and containers

This is achieved by the elimination of the separate cradles employed in previous designs, which could break loose allowing the sample bottle to become free and therefore liable to damage.

A further important safety innovation is the elimination of ‘fold flat’ metal handles by the provision of ‘hand grips’ moulded into the structure of the case. These are positioned above the centre of gravity to ensure that twisting of the structure does not occur. This additional stability significantly reduces the risk of injury to the technicians.

The lid is secured to the base of the unit by means of six rugged stainless steel, spring loaded, and lockable catches.

Troublesome rubber seals have also been eliminated by forming a substantial overhang to act as a weather seal, preventing the ingress of water.

The unit is constructed of recycled and recyclable Polyethylene which is stable even at the elevated temperatures of warmer climates.

‘The Vector Protector’ is fully stackable with previous designs.

In order to comply with your ‘Corporate Identity’, ‘The Vector Protector’ can be supplied in your company colours with company name and logo moulded into the body.


Vector’ Well-Kuvvas

Well-Kuvvas provide peace of mind when working around the rotary table. Designed to fit tubular diameters up to 11″ with an adjustable collar allowing multiple units to be attached together for larger applications, the skirt diameter is 2 meters to ensure full rotary table coverage providing protection against any dropped objects down hole and avoiding the potentially expensive resultant downtime.

This is being used by UKCS and North Sea operators. The Well Kuvva has established itself as an essential addition to any operation where the possibility of objects being dropped down hole needs to be avoided.

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